Hi, I’m Sheba

I am a copywriter, ghostwriter, website content writer, social media content writer, blog and article writer, freelancer


Who Am I?

Hey, I’m Sheba Philip, the coffee-and-tea addicted creative behind this website. Funny that I love both the beverages equally, right? Just like I love creating content that not just attracts new leads but also converts.

I’ve been freelance writing for over 2 years and have worked for several clients in niches such as copywriting, ghostwriting, web content, and digital marketing content. I began my content-making journey with a friend of mine, bidding $150 on a project, and then splitting the money between us.

And here I am today, sharing tips and advice on blogging, freelance writing, creative entrepreneurship, copywriting, content writing, and just anything and everything regarding ‘content’ to help you pursue your dreams of working from home, just like me!


What Excites Me

The crucial role I play in convincing customers is what excites me the most. It takes the right word to be placed rightly at the right time to fuel conversions and traffic. I’ve always strived to craft the meaningful content making the apt use of my skills, expert knowledge, personal experience, and technical know-how in digital marketing.

Moreover, the excitement is not just about the pleasure I gain from doing what I love the most but it also comes from the two priceless and invaluable gifts I’ve received in my life: my son and my daughter, who mean the world to me and watching them grow beautifully in front of me is a scene I wish would never fade away,

Lastly, how can I not include the most exciting part of my life? My Books. I enjoy reading as stories help me escape in my own imaginary world. It’s a habit that has engaged me since ever and in turn, helped me engage others through my writing.


What I do

Blogs & Articles


Website Copy

Social Media Content

Featured In

In The Digital Chapters

Personal Branding: How To Wield The Latent Power Of Self

Net Talk

Net Talk


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What People Say

I had the pleasure working with Sheba who expertly filled the role of a freelance content writer. Her ability to handle even the toughest writing tasks effortlessly is remarkable. She excels at the core elements of digital marketing and her willingness to learn and take on other tasks that extend beyond the scope of her role is something to be desired in any professional. She provides quality content and always delivers on time.

Vartika Sahu

Digital Marketer – Reliable Software

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